Release Date: 12.12.2016

Dimensions is Degray’s third release on Parse Audio, where he continues to deliver truly sophisticated dark techno. The prevalent elements of this Barcelona-based producer’s music are deep, tight kick drum, reserved use of sound elements and truly hypnotic vibe which draws you into his introspective vortex.


This mysterious aura can be heard on the first two tracks of Dimensions as well. 

Dimension Y rolls out in a hypnotic techno beat which is working with slow development and suspension rather than smothering the listener with too much stimulus. Close your eyes and let yourself be led by the kick and elevate up to the subtle synth heights. 

Dimension X has a bouncier beat, but is still underlined by eerie ambient hisses - so gentle, yet present. 

Degray tends to set off the individual sounds and give them space, so they can gradually impact the listener and be appreciated in their timbre and emotional effect they have on one’s mind. This is especially the case of the last track of the EP, Dimensions. It starts and ends with the mysterious depth coming from the sounds of a dark synthesizer, which is later accompanied by a slow beat of weltering waves until it slowly dissolves far, far away. 


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Dimension Y 5:28



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Dimension X 5:39



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Dimensions 3:33



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