Release Date: 03.05.2019
Reticent Barcelona-based producer Degray has unearthed two dusty cuts of dub-infused techno for 'Memento', the latest release on his own imprint Parse Audio. 

There is a wistful aura to these dusty recordings. Both mixes open with a warm crackle - as if Degray dug up this record from a long-forgotten box of personal treasures. 'Memento (Consciousness Mix)' kicks off proceedings with a rolling half time beat that eventually gives way to a deconstructed 2 step shuffle. Degray fuses his striking techno rhythms with evocative atmospherics through melancholic minor chords, cooing vocals, faraway synth flutters, and a withdrawn woodwind. 

The somber tone invoking longing nostalgia is maintained in 'Memento (Lost Mix)', thanks to a subtle combination of dubbed-out chords, distant hats, gentle hand percussion, and a reversed vocal that seems to be gasping for breath. Phasing chords gently swell beneath the surface, providing warmth to counter the ice-cold pads and adding depth to the muted atmospherics. At the same time, a deep kick and accented claps keep the track moving perpetually forward.

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Memento (Consciousness Mix) 4:34



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Memento (Lost Mix) 6:06



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