The Source

Release Date: 02.05.2016

The Source EP features two exquisitely deep and solemn techno cuts which elude the often facile shortcuts inherent to the dark techno sound, instead choosing to favor an approach which draws upon an elegant use of ambient elements and an ear for mournful tones and melodic motifs. 

Degray eases us into his world with the arpeggios of EP opener Source Code. The serenity is short-lived as speaker shaking kicks soon join the dance. Mainframe rolls out in a slightly more dystopian fashion with melancholic keys and a grooving bass held together by looming layers of ambiance. Melodies rise, only to disappear again into the background and tension and drama are perfectly distilled from the Barcelona-based producer’s Spartan use of melodies, subtle drum work and powerful use of dynamics.


1. play_circle_outline

Source Code 5:15



2. play_circle_outline

Mainframe 5:54



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