What We Leave Behind

Release Date: 06.09.2019

A name that you may not be fully aware of yet is that of Paraphex. The ominous and elusive producer has been lurking in the shadows, kept away, refining his craft. The meticulous preparations have seen him draw on powerful influences from some of the most eloquent and emotive electronic music acts, the likes of Massive Attack, Boards Of Canada and Four Tet. Parse Audio is providing the platform for

Paraphex's debut single 'What We Leave Behind' that is a little taster from his impending self-titled album. The label was created by Barcelona based Degray, initially to release his own music but that was only getting started. Branching out with this release, there is plenty on the horizon. Some might say that the kick drum is the necessary over-indulged ingredient in contemporary electronic music.

Paraphex flaunts his production feathers for his premiere cut, highlighting the many strings to his bow, not just heavy bass drums. The track opens with light, refreshing, synthesized sounds, which he couples with crispy spaced out hand-claps. An ethereal synth wistfully floats in the background, which accentuates the delicate vocals that sidle in slowly. It's electronica, melodic and hypnagogic. 


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